Signing off

Hi guys!

Djon here! Wow, yep, I'm still alive. I'm sorry for not being active at all for the last year (maybe more than that). Unfortunately, this message is not to reactivate or anything of the sort. In fact, I'm posting this to formally announce my resignation. I know we're all busy and I'm no exception.

I'm quite happy to have found good friends with like-minded interests. I had fun shaping a much more entertaining version of the pre-HP days. I'll always remember everything we've done here.

So thank you and I hope you all continue to live well. I'll miss you guys!

Djon Santos
Gideon Prewett
Dahlia Parkinson
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killing. Oh, it's a fun sport.

Rightly, rightly, folks. moving this plot on a little. As we need to go places, non? So, the twins? Are now. Officially. Dead. Rip and all that good stuff.

So, here's what I'm gonna do to get this going places again, and a bit of a brief summary of what...probably went down (always open to, and subject to input and change...)

1) Lucius'll do a post in a mo about...all the gory details the man's into. Essentially, it was an epic battle... hell read Stace's massive fic. It pretty much turned out like that, I'm sure. Dolohov did hte actual killing. The others did the fighting.

2) Caius being Caius...needs to have spotted Em at some point. Am I okay to presume they turned up too late? Or something along those lines.

And I think that's all we need.

In the words of probably some great nuclear scientist: Let the fallout begin. GO PEOPLE GO.


You may or may not remember me...

I posted an application that looked something like this...

OK, it looked a lot like that.

And I was wondering if I could still join? Just after I posted it the ringleader (the one that played James Potter?) left, and so I sort of got left in the lurch... then AS levels sort of happened and I sort of forgot.

So... then Jas started bugging me.
And here I am.

Basically... can I join?

Thank you for reading this rambling post!
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Happy Thanksgiving!

Uh...heyaz! Djon here!

Just wanted to say sorry for not being active for nearly over a month. School's just been insane! Finals are in a week so I'll more than likely be invisible for a little bit longer but after the 10th, I should be available again.

To Amanda and Kimglish, I'm so totally absolutely SORRY!!! I did post a reply to your bit, Kimglish. So hopefully, we can do this thread right and through now!

Um, yes, I think that's it for now. OH! Happy Thanksgiving too! Hope y'all have a great turkey (or if you're like me, Ham and random other dishes) day! Don't forget about Black Friday tomorrow! SALES SALES SALES!!! Not that I'll be able to go out...stupid finals....

Anyway, take care y'all!

Hugs and Misses,
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So...Prewett Plan

Hiya, Djon here.

So...just got to talking with Kimglish and basically, we've agreed that the twins will kick that bucket at King's. Lucius and company will sneak up on them using their Death Eater skillz and a battle royale ensues. Em and Dorcas come on the scene afterwards.

Those are probably the most important details done.

For the smaller bits, I was thinking that Gid comes to Fabs on the pretense of brotherly bonding and that they're planning on an Order activity.

Um, I'll have something certain for sure eventually. Amanda, tell me what you think okay?

Okay, so...more planning on the teeny details but other than that, it's all good. I hope this week will provide me with more breathing room since it's mostly quizzes and Homecoming activities at school. Sorry for being non-existant again.

Muchos love-os,
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(no subject)

*bounces in* huzzah, murder! heh.

Seriously though. Lucius' post miiiiiiiiiiight not answer all thoughts/questions on the murder of the Prewetts, so if there's anything that needs organising/discussing, come poke me.

Oh, and Dorcas can mosey on in, if she wants. Just as long as the right people die in the end. XD

Also, given that we've got some crucial people missing and we're spanning a massive timezone distance with a lot of characters (starting in New Zealand and probably ending...East Coast? I don't think anyone's more in the past, anyway.) and a lot of busy people, when's good for everyone involved. I can normally work around time, so thoughts of the population?