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An application.

OK, well I'm not very good at this whole introductory thing.
So I will basically let the application explain itself, she is an out of canon character (or whatever you call them on here) and I made her up, with a little help from Jaz.




the player

Name: Hannah

ANY contact information:

ANY experience: I was Pansy Parkinson and Luna Lovegood on Perpetua.

the character.

Name: Holly Davis

Gender: Female

Year & House: Ex Gryffindor

Affiliation: Auror


Holly is petite, with pixie-like features and hardly any weight to speak of. Her brown hair is always tied back in a messy ponytail, with a hair band to push back the straggly bits. Her eyes are brown, innocent yet clever, and hardly ever stop flitting around the room, observing and judging everyone in quick succession.

      She has a tomboyish figure, a skinny tomboyish figure, which is hidden by baggy t-shirts, hoodies and old jeans, all awash with stains, mud and the odd rip. She doesn’t care what she looks like, infact, she is scruffy to the point of looking like she has spent hours infront of the mirror perfecting it. There is no make-up, and she knows she can get away with it, some people have it all. Her skin is pretty flawless but very pale, which matches her frosty pink lips. There is an energy about her face that cannot be explained, and a soft fierceness in her features that, when used to its full effect, would scare the mightiest of Common Welsh Greens.


PB: I was thinking Natalie Portman…

Holly Davis was born in July 1956, to Hugh and Elaine Davis. She was raised within Dylife, a close-knit Welsh Mining Village in Snowdonia. Her family was a typical one, if a little large, she had four siblings, all brothers, though thankfully as the middle child and an inheritor of her Father’s feistiness she was never left out. This meant that any second of her childhood not spent in school, with the sterotypically rosy, well-endowed and feared Mrs Williams, was spent running up and down the hills and into the caves, around the trees and through the cobbled streets.

    She first realised there was something a little bit strange about her when she fell down an old mining pit, as well as making a new Bronze Age discovery, she also broke her leg, however, by the time she had been hauled to the ground it had miraculously healed. After a severe telling off for getting the emergency services (who consisted of one rather portly Mr Feteh) out for nothing, she was off to her favourite spot behind the bakery to wonder what an Earth was happening to her.

     Strange happenings carried on from then for a few years until a letter arrived, a strange letter, not like the ones from Aunty Shirley in Abergonolwyn. It was thick, heavy and delivered by an owl.

      So, after several confused questions from her parents off she was to Diagon Alley and Hogwarts. She had an interesting seven years at Hogwarts, but not one worth writing several books about. She was sorted into Gryffindor, which meant little to her, apart from the fact that everyone seemed to like that house. Her first lessons felt like learning a new language and a new way of life, but she caught on in time.

     She soon learned to dislike potions and love Defence Against the Dark Arts, but also Transfiguration. She had always been a reasonably bright child, but she had never found something she liked as much as magic.

     Despite her ‘tough’ attitude, Holly was always reluctant to break rules. Her one venture into the woods left her so traumitised that she spent a week in the hospital wing, a week in detention, dropped Care of Magical Creatures and refused to speak about it.

     She left Hogwarts with good exam results and started her training as an auror, which suited her down to a pin. However, she is still determined to prove herself, as her Dad is yet to be impressed by her.



As a friend Holly is loyal, trusting and caring. However, her friendship is not gained easily, she is slightly suspiscious of anyone who she does not know, having been trained to expect the worse.

    She likes to present herself as the hard-nut who may be small but has the cliché attitude. This tends to be a way of hiding her slight insecurities and lonliness from those who are likely to spot it.

    Her lonliness is of her own making, a mixture of suspision and work-obsession, and she knows it. It presents itself in a variety of ways: resentment, jelousy and over-curiosity, all of which do not help her predicament. Due to her lack of friends she is very-family orientated and will do anything to help or protect them. Her reliance of her family became a handicap when she attended Hogwarts, and even harder to deal with when she moved to London. After passing her Apparition Test Holly spends most of her free time back in Wales.

    Holly is finding the current state of war extremely frustrating. She has only just finished her Auror training, but she is determined to get thrown in at the deep end, with no regard for her own safety. However, her more sensible superiors know better than to let a hot-headed young woman, who is out to prove herself, loose with the permission to use forbidden curses on her own, no matter how good her intentions. Holly has a different take on this, believing they just want to protect her due to her muggle-born status, and so is out to fight, with no force able to stop her.




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