Lucius Malfoy (bitter_faith) wrote in levicorpusooc,
Lucius Malfoy

*bounces in* huzzah, murder! heh.

Seriously though. Lucius' post miiiiiiiiiiight not answer all thoughts/questions on the murder of the Prewetts, so if there's anything that needs organising/discussing, come poke me.

Oh, and Dorcas can mosey on in, if she wants. Just as long as the right people die in the end. XD

Also, given that we've got some crucial people missing and we're spanning a massive timezone distance with a lot of characters (starting in New Zealand and probably ending...East Coast? I don't think anyone's more in the past, anyway.) and a lot of busy people, when's good for everyone involved. I can normally work around time, so thoughts of the population?
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