giddy_like_me (giddy_like_me) wrote in levicorpusooc,

So...Prewett Plan

Hiya, Djon here.

So...just got to talking with Kimglish and basically, we've agreed that the twins will kick that bucket at King's. Lucius and company will sneak up on them using their Death Eater skillz and a battle royale ensues. Em and Dorcas come on the scene afterwards.

Those are probably the most important details done.

For the smaller bits, I was thinking that Gid comes to Fabs on the pretense of brotherly bonding and that they're planning on an Order activity.

Um, I'll have something certain for sure eventually. Amanda, tell me what you think okay?

Okay, so...more planning on the teeny details but other than that, it's all good. I hope this week will provide me with more breathing room since it's mostly quizzes and Homecoming activities at school. Sorry for being non-existant again.

Muchos love-os,
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