giddy_like_me (giddy_like_me) wrote in levicorpusooc,

Happy Thanksgiving!

Uh...heyaz! Djon here!

Just wanted to say sorry for not being active for nearly over a month. School's just been insane! Finals are in a week so I'll more than likely be invisible for a little bit longer but after the 10th, I should be available again.

To Amanda and Kimglish, I'm so totally absolutely SORRY!!! I did post a reply to your bit, Kimglish. So hopefully, we can do this thread right and through now!

Um, yes, I think that's it for now. OH! Happy Thanksgiving too! Hope y'all have a great turkey (or if you're like me, Ham and random other dishes) day! Don't forget about Black Friday tomorrow! SALES SALES SALES!!! Not that I'll be able to go out...stupid finals....

Anyway, take care y'all!

Hugs and Misses,
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