Lucius Malfoy (bitter_faith) wrote in levicorpusooc,
Lucius Malfoy

killing. Oh, it's a fun sport.

Rightly, rightly, folks. moving this plot on a little. As we need to go places, non? So, the twins? Are now. Officially. Dead. Rip and all that good stuff.

So, here's what I'm gonna do to get this going places again, and a bit of a brief summary of what...probably went down (always open to, and subject to input and change...)

1) Lucius'll do a post in a mo about...all the gory details the man's into. Essentially, it was an epic battle... hell read Stace's massive fic. It pretty much turned out like that, I'm sure. Dolohov did hte actual killing. The others did the fighting.

2) Caius being Caius...needs to have spotted Em at some point. Am I okay to presume they turned up too late? Or something along those lines.

And I think that's all we need.

In the words of probably some great nuclear scientist: Let the fallout begin. GO PEOPLE GO.
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