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hai gais. :/

I have so much to apologize for, I don't know where to start. The absence. So very, very sorry. Got busy with thesis and shit. But I MISSED LEVI SO BAD. :[ I was wondering if I can give it a go again, if you guys will have me back. I can't promise 100% activity (because of said thesis aargh), but I want to be active. I'll try to the best of my abilities.

And uh, supposing you'll take me back, I was wondering if I can give dolv a reboot? New hair, new face, same obtuse bad guy. Same history and such. Will come up with an in-character reason for the change.

Please, please take me back? ♥

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Hey, you guys! I'm back in the States. I should be up and running again soon, but right now I am undergoing some serious jet lag.

In the meantime: Alice had a baby. Thus her.. absence. As she's been rather immobile for awhile, and now she's spending all her time with little Neville.

Peter has been, I don't know, going a little crazy about Amaranta. Blah.

And Sybill has always been crazy. The end.

:) I'm happy to be back, though! I missed you guys. It was tons of fun, though. I have an absurd amount of pictures. INCLUDING Christ Church College at Oxford (i.e. pseudo-Harry Potter land. It was cool.) annnnd me and DanRad's wax figure. :) ALSO A LITTLE HARRY AND GIANT HAGRID MADE OUT OF LEGOS.

Okay, the end. :D

Canon sucks but HPmania is hard to rub off

Okay, so y'all probably heard about this already but I'm still pretty crazy about it.

I can't believe they're republishing this for the public! WOOHOO!

I pre-ordered mine. The only thing I hate about it is that it won't be shipped until December. Boooooooooooooooooooooooo!

But it's still pretty awesome!

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Looking up adorably


Okay so I wanted to share this. This is how sad I am and how much I HATE JK for making me this way...or making it worse for that matter.

So the past few says I was in RI. My Mum and I shared a room since my brother was visiting. So I was on the mattress on the floor and Mum was sleeping, right? And all of a sudden I was thinking about the Em/Gid thread we have going on. Then I had this dream/scene/images in my head. Of Em finding out about Benjy's death, then Gid's, then Dorcas's. And how her natural reaction would be that she can't love anyone. And I cried. Silently. As not to wake my Mum. Silently cried myself to sleep willing these images away.





*=Not a heart. A ball sack you bitch.

Your fan, kinda.

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Hey, guys. Sorry I've been made of fail lately. =\ I have been pretty busy preparing for my trip and all. Tomorrow I am getting on a plane headed for London. I'll be abroad for six weeks. :O I'll have my laptop with me, I'm pretty sure, so I won't be completely unavailable. But, understandably, I'll be a little bit busy. :)

I know there's at least one huge thing I'll be 'missing' and that's Neville's birth! But! I'll still be around a bit like I said, so that should be OKAY.

Anyhow, I'll miss you guys. ♥
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Sorry for not being around lately, but life gets that way. We all have that excuse! Anyways, I'm not going to be around for the next week and a half. I'm heading down to bumfuck, Texas where I shall be without internet.



Would anyone like to play? Sirius does need to be told that Regulus has gone missing, but I'm really up for whatever. (C'mon, I need an excuse to avoid unpacking boxes from college.)

Now you're stuck with me.

For anyone who didn't check out my application, I'm Meg and I'm your new Sirius! For all those who did drop by and say hello, thanks again for your help and friendliness and now I'm officially part of your collective insanity.

This is my character journal, so friend it, please and thanks. Corie, I think we should get started dealing with the whole Regulus mess when you've got time. If anyone else wants to play, I'm definitely game. (Just so you know, I'm running out the door in a second to see the new Indiana Jones, but I'll be back around 11:30 EST.)

Again, my email is and my AIM is foreverbarefoot3. I'm very much looking forward to playing with you lot. :D